Prohibition is not the solution


Feds challenge court order allowing access to emergency contraception to teens without a prescription.

The Justice Department filed a notice of appeal over U.S. District Judge Edward Korman’s ruling, ordering the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to make emergency contraception available to females of any age without a prescription. The Feds also filed a motion for a temporary hold on the FDA’s approval of the morning-after pill for women 15 and older.

I disagree with the Justice Department’s responses to the ruling from Judge Korman. While I understand the argument made by conservatives that parents should have more in control of their children’s decisions, barring emergency contraception will not stop teenagers from having sex. Nor will banning contraceptive services and abortion result in fewer abortions performed. Daughters of violent, abusive parents will, as many already do in some parts of the country, seek black market abortions and other more drastic means. Prohibition is never the solution.

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