Marvel Drops Teaser For Strange New Superhero Movie

dr strange cover
Photo Courtesy of Doctor Strange Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Doctor Strange Facebook
Photo Courtesy of Doctor Strange Facebook

By Angel Ramirez

On Nov. 4, Marvel Studios will give audiences a different kind of superhero in Doctor Strange. Instead of a hero with super strength or superpowers, Benedict Cumberbatch’s character uses magic to fight crime.

The film will feature Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange and Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One, who serves as a mentor to Strange. The casting for the Ancient One is interesting since in the comics, the character is generally depicted as a Tibetan man.

The film centers on a former neurosurgeon, Strange, who becomes a sorcerer after a car accident destroys his hands and hinders his ability to perform surgery. Strange searches for a way to repair them, in his search he encounters the Ancient One and becomes one of her students. He then becomes a practitioner of the mystical arts and adopts the alias Doctor Strange.

In this film, we will get to see Marvel Studios touching more on magic and mysticism as opposed to science and technology.

The trailer is reminiscent of mind-bending films like The Matrix and Inception. The film could be a box office hit or a cult classic.

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