Muralists Pay Tribute at Downtown Celebration



By Gracia Sanchez

Art students painted murals to honor four artists for the Noche de Altares celebration at Second and Broadway streets in Downtown Santa Ana Nov. 7.

Design and art students chose to remember the lives of artists influential to their field.

“Our mural altars will honor four different mural/street artists who have passed on,” Darren Hostetter, an assistant professor of studio art who teaches mural painting said.

The artists honored are: Diego Rivera, a Mexican muralist; Emigdio Vasquez, a former student and professor at Santa Ana College known as the godfather of Chicano art; Keith Haring, a graffiti artist and social activist; and Margaret Kilgallen, a street artist.

About 15 students, with the help of volunteers, participated in the 13th annual Noche de Altares celebration, painting portable mural panels to display along the streets of downtown.

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