Low foot traffic keeps Don Express closed for fall

The Don Express has been closed since most classes went online in March 2020. Photo by Tanya Moore / el Don

Before the pandemic moved the majority classes online, the Don Express was a bustling convenience store that served hundreds of students a day. Located next to Phillip’s Hall Theatre, it was the only place on the east side of campus to buy food, snacks and school supplies. 

Officials say that low enrollment in face-to-face classes has reduced foot traffic on campus, forcing the Don Express to remain closed until further notice. 

Today, the little free-standing building is vacant with sandbags piled in front of the doorway. About two-thirds of all Fall 2021 sections are still being offered online. 

Operations Specialist Chris Wild, who oversees campus stores, understands the importance of giving students access to on-campus food in a timely manner. 

“We are hopeful that increased enrollment will allow us to make this a viable location again in the very near future,” Wild said. 

Students can still buy their favorite items from the Don Express — like sandwiches, chips and sodas — at the Quick Stop on the first floor of the new Johnson Student Center.

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