How to file for Pass/No Pass grading in spring 2020

pass no pass screenshot

>Due to the impacts of COVID-19, Santa Ana College is extending the deadline to file for Pass/No Pass grading in all classes until June 25.

Normally, students are not able to take major courses as P/NP and are limited in the amount of units that can be obtained without a letter grade. For spring 2020, students can file a P/NP petition by filling out the form below and submitting to a counselor.

A grade of P indicates an equivalent grade of C or better, and NP is equivalent grade of D or F. While grades of P and NP do not count toward the grade point average, they do count toward progress probation.

Most universities have a limit on the number of courses that can be completed on a P/NP option, but those are loosening during the pandemic. Courses completed on P/NP may still require repeating for a letter grade and there are other potential implications for scholarships, graduate schools and international students. Check with a counselor before submitting the form.

For associate degrees, units earned at another regionally accredited college or university on a Pass/No Pass basis during winter, pring and summer 2020 will be counted toward the Santa Ana College degree requirements and will not count toward the limit outlined in school policies.

If you have any questions, click here to talk to a counselor.

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