Nealley Library Gets Four New Color Printers

Four new printers were installed in Nealley library over the summer. / Jordy Espinoza / el Don

Santa Ana College installed four new printers and implemented new printing cards this summer in Nealley Library, replacing the library’s older printers and printing card system.

“The old printers were not being maintained very well and there was a privacy issue”, said Jaki King, the new learning librarian at SAC. King described the old printers as unreliable and said they struggled with printing multiple requests.

The new printers also offer students color printing for the first time cost is 50 cents per page.

“We never had color printing before so it’s a nice addition to the library and for our students,” said SAC librarian and professor Stacy Russo.

Students are still getting used to the new printers. Library staff have been busy four weeks into the semester, constantly keeping two people up front as reference to assist students confused with the new printing system, King said.

“It’s much easier now, because when you print, it only shows the file that you want to print and you avoid printing someone else’s file”, Daniel Espinoza, a SAC student, said.

Printing cards can be obtained at the reference desk and students can load them using a debit card, credit card or cash. Students can also use their new student ID cards instead of the printer cards.

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