Santa Ana College Students Try to Revive School Spirit

Courtesy of Santa Ana College.
Courtesy of Santa Ana College.

Santa Ana College students are attempting to form a cheer club. However, the club won’t be possible without an advisor by their Friday deadline.

“Cheer would be a good opportunity for students who have cheered in the past or people who would want the opportunity to cheer and it would get more students going to games and feeling the school has more spirit and wanting to be more involved,” Bianca Aguirre, would be club president said.

The cheer club would welcome all students that are willing to attend all practices and required games.

Aguirre added that the idea of the club has also been receiving a positive following and a lot of support from the college.

In past years there have been attempts at starting a

cheer club, but none have been successful.

Details of meetings and practices are to be set once the club is approved, but the members in charge would try their best to accommodate students’ schedules.

Making this club possible and being a part of it would motivate and bring school spirit, said Raquel Karina, who is looking to become a member of the club.

If looking to be an advisor for the cheer club time must be dedicated to attend meetings and practices.

For more information on how to join Cheer or if interested in being the club’s advisor contact Bianca Aguirre at

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