Student Government and Family of Colors Raises Awareness on LGBTQIA Community

Jamal Aquino (left) and Salazar (right) both part of the Family of Colors club. Dianna Mendoza / el Don

Jamal Aquino (left) and Salazar (right) both part of the Family of Colors club. / Dianna Mendoza / el Don

Dianna Mendoza

The first student informational display of spreading awareness to LGBTQIA community issues took place today outside The Spot.

Co-hosted by Associated Student Government and The Family of Colors Club, the three stands at the poster session featured books, pamphlets and resources for anyone to learn about the community.

One stand was hosted by the library and displayed books relevant to the LGBTQIA community.

The community sometimes suggests books that can be added to the school’s library and database, said librarian Annie Knight. The American Library Association has marked June as the GLBT book month.

“Family of Colors is an on-campus, active club,” said president of the club Salazar, who prefers to only go by her last name.

On May 4th, there will be a bigger Family of Colors event focused on safe space, Salazar said.

The awareness brought to light issues that LGBTQIA students face daily on and off-campus.

“I have a fear on campus, whenever I am around the sports track. I tend to stay away from there just because it is heavily male athletes, and there’s a lot of testosterone. When I walk, I’m swaying my hips, giving it my all, and it’s like a cat walk for me, and I’m just afraid that someone might not be comfortable with that, and might come at me,” said member of Family of Colors, Jamal Aquino said.

ASG will be hosting a part-two awareness event called Gender Neutral Pronoun Workshop, which will take place on, April 13 from 12 to 1 p.m.

The workshops main purpose is to inform how to properly address someone who does not use “he” or “she”, and give further information about gender-neutral pronouns.

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