SAC Hosts 19th Annual Teaching Conference



By Juan Avila

The Road to Teaching Conference offers students an opportunity to learn how to become a teacher while giving some insight on their desired field.

“The goal of our conference is to provide workshops and information for students on the teaching pathway,” said Steve Bautista, faculty coordinator for the Center for Teacher Education at Santa Ana College.

Workshops at the conference will cover topics like the rise of technology in classrooms, landing a job and preparation needs for teaching K-12.

Information on potential volunteer and employment opportunities will be provided by representatives from nonprofit organizations like THINK Together.

If students have questions regarding credential programs or classes needed for their pathway they can ask University officials from schools such as Cal State Dominguez Hills, UCLA, and Azusa Pacific University.

Representatives from schools like UCI, Cal State Fullerton and Chapman University spoke at past conferences.

“Material highlighted will focus on technology in the classroom, the new Common Core State Standards and The Next Generation Science Standards,” Bautista said. “It’s totally different from when our students were students. It’s all changing.”

The Road to Teaching Conference, originally created for local Santa Ana students, has been at SAC for the past 18 years, eventually partnering with CSUF, Fullerton College and UCI in 2005 to sponsor the event.

High schools, colleges and universities from Southern California request to attend, but the venue can only accommodate 325 guests.

“The conference is important to be able to network with other future teachers or people who are teachers already so we can learn from them,” said Ana Cordova, Club Apple member.

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The conference is Nov. 21 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For more information visit SAC’s Center for Teacher Education at room S-110 or at


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