Free On-Campus Movie Screenings Start This Month

Despicable Me will be the first film shown in the monthly series from SAC Psychological Services starting Sept. 25 in room W-101 . / Courtesy of Universal

By Nashe Harley

Starting Sept. 25, Santa Ana College students are invited to a free movie event every month with free food and drinks. The event, hosted by SAC Psychological Services doctoral interns Sandra Alfaro Beltran, Irene Kao, and Christine Ricohermoso-Shiaw, was created to offer students a space to discuss mental health issues.

The first film to show will be Despicable Me, which was chosen because of the way that it addresses identity issues, adoption and family relationships, according to the interns.

After each movie, students will have the chance to talk about the themes in the movies as well a learn more about various mental health issues.

The Event goes from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. in room W-101.

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