STD Education


Nursing students Jonas Obispo, Chris O’donnell, Karen Wilde, Marissa Skala, Michael Nguyen host the seminar that will run until Oct. 17.

By: Ricardo Hernandez

Santa Ana College nursing students are holding seminars teaching students about sexually transmitted diseases this month.

The seminars discuss how sexually transmitted diseases are caused and the way they affect people.

The seminar is set up like a game show where students answer questions and win condoms for each correct answer.

“People get to understand STDs and make better choices,” said Nursing student Chris O’donnell.

The following seminars are on Oct. 16in Russell Hall R-126 at 11:45a.m.,12:30p.m., 1:15p.m., 2:00p.m, and Oct. 17 at 5p.m. in Russell Hall R-114

A certificate of attendance is provided to those who attend the seminar.