First Homecoming Pep Rally in Over a Decade

Trumpets were heard from a distance, cheers got louder as you got closer. By Dunlap Hall in the new amphitheater you find a mass of classmates dressed in red and black, throwing up pom-poms to delve in the school spirit the college missed out on for the past decade.

The Associated Student Government held the first pep rally in over 10 years on Oct. 4 to support the football team’s homecoming game and get the students to participate in their campus community.

“I just helped out my team member Daniel. We’ve never done this and it’s important because the athletes go to school, play sports and work so I think it’s important that they should be represented,” ASG Senator of Technology Sara Valencia said.

The Jazz Band performed and the football team did a roaming rally through campus to meet other students. The football coaches and trainers gave a speech about their goal to defend their title. Which they did. The Dons won the homecoming game against LA Southwest Cougars 16-0. All the while, the pep rally was broadcast live by 97.1 AMP radio.

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After the rally, ASG Senator of Athletics Daniel Gonzalez told the crowd to head over to the food stands by the library for tacos, rice and beans. The line was massive, but ASG members were quick to hand out the food which kept the line going at a steady pace. There was no need to sign in or give your student ID. Free food is ASG’s regular gift to students.

“I heard food and came running,” junior American Sign Language major, Megan Gallagher said.

Next to the food stands, was a small race derby track where two people at a time could pedal there way around an inflatable race course to the finish line. Before anyone got on the racer derby, you had to sign a waiver and get a wristband. Board of Trustee member Zeke Hernandez and Sports Information Coordinator Cammie Lewis faced off against each other in a derby race.

“I’m here to support the homecoming game pep rally. I want to give a big hearty congrats to ASG for putting this together,” Hernandez said.

97.1 AMP Radio blasted their jams and hosted a dance-off where they awarded tickets for the Adult Swim Festival. They got people pumped and getting down to Suavemente and Pitbull.

“It’s awesome to see students just being students. Going to school is not just for classes but enjoying activities,” Inter-Club Council adviser John Nguyen said. “Engaging with other people just brings people together,”