Sugar Daddy Relationships Are a Popular Way to Graduate Debt-Free

Art by Christabelle Blake / el Don

Art by Christabelle Blake / el Don

Sugar daddy websites are proving to be a popular way for female students to overcome rising college costs, but recent instances of women being attacked by users are causing some to reconsider. connects female users to wealthy men who offer financial stability. The site promises relief from the possibility of false pretense stating users will only get what they expect.

However, things can sometimes turn awry. Last week, eight women were held captive in Sandy Springs by a man they met on the website. Police removed the women from the home and charged the man on suspicion of false imprisonment and human trafficking for labor.

 A survey of student users say they choose sugar dating as a way to help finance their education, using the funds on rent, study materials and tuition, said public relations specialist for the site Alexis Germany.

 “If the relationship between two consenting adults becomes sexual that is up to them, but sexual negotiations are not allowed to take place on, and members caught doing so will be removed from the site,” said Germany. “This form of dating is popular across generations because it is based on traditional values, but given a modern twist.”

College costs are astronomical.

 An estimated $1.3 trillion in student loan debt is spread among 44 million American borrowers with an average monthly loan payment for borrowers aged 20 to 30 of $351, according to 2017 statistics from

The average U.S. sugar baby receives about $2,400 a month in allowance while the average sugar baby in California receives slightly more, about $2,500 per month in allowance.

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  Since the beginning of 2017 more students from Cal State Fullerton have signed up for the service than any other Orange County campus, with 29 new signees, totaling about 237 sugar babies — people who are financially pampered by a sugar parent — registered under their university email address.

 CSUF is also the only college in Orange County to make the site’s top 100 list this year, ranking 78th nationwide. Temple University, in Philadelphia, is ranked as the fastest-growing sugar baby school in the U.S. this year, totaling 1,068 new accounts.

 Founded in 2006 by MIT graduate and so-called “relationship influencer,” Brandon Wade, has more than 9 million members worldwide. In the U.S. there are 2.3 million sugar baby females registered on the site and roughly 500,000 sugar baby males.

 Last Wednesday, Wade made a video in support of the Day Without a Woman movement, saying is a feminist site created “by feminists for feminists.” He says it’s an idea his mother developed long ago.

 “The website really empowers women and men to come and negotiate a mutually beneficial relationship that works well for both of them. So, at the core of it, it’s about empowering, taking matters into your own hands and improving your life, specifically your dating life,” Wade said.

 These students are breaking taboos when choosing the help they take to get through college.