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Young Lives Lost

The man who hit and killed girls in a crosswalk had a suspended license, police officials said. Staff Editorial  Halloween

Chasing the Title

With one home game left, the conference’s top spot remains unclaimed By Jorge Campos and Jaime Buenaventura Despite an ankle

No Glove, Still Love

Millenials use birth control but are less wary of sexually transmitted diseases By Amanda Zive Condom use among young people

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  • October 28, 2014

Special Voter Guide

By Matthew Salzer, Jovany Leon, and Katie Porter For the upcoming Nov. 4 election, there’s plenty of decisions to make.

Dons Drops Second In A Row To Palomar

By Matthew Salzer The Dons wrestling team came up short Wednesday in a close match against Palomar in their third

Making Sex Safer

In response to campus sexual violence, the new state law requires consent to be explicit and affirmative Staff Editorial Last

Bowl For Sale

By Jovanny Leon The Ceramics Department hosted the annual Chili Bowl Sale Wednesday, displaying an array of ceramics on tables

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  • October 19, 2014

Perserving a Cherished Legacy

Late muralist’s heirs have been on a quest to find and restore his forgotten and hidden artworks By Liz Monroy

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  • October 19, 2014

Protecting College Women

Responding to a rising trend of rapes, Gov. Jerry Brown signs a law helping protect female students. Sexual assaults at California

Julius Caesar

New Twist The Theatre Deparment updates a thousand-year-old tale of tyranny by switching gender roles and arming Roman soliders with machine