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State Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age to 21

California becomes the fifth state to propose raising the smoking age to 21 By Izabella Santana In an effort to

New Co-Head Coach Susie Parra Brings a History of Excellence to the Dons

By Jacob Peterson Dons new Co-Head Coach Susie Parra adds both a background of winning and a calm leadership style

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  • March 30, 2015

Campus Security Guards Will Soon Carry Guns

  By Joanna Meza District officials are moving forward with a plan to arm security officers throughout the Rancho Santiago

RSCCD Foundation’s Saudi Deal Sucks

By closing the deal with two Middle Eastcolleges, SAC would compromise its values Staff Editorial Contracting with Saudi Arabia has sparked

Comedian Steve Martin’s Play Hits the Stage at Santa Ana College

By Nashe Harley Actor, comedian and Santa Ana College alumnus Steve Martin’s play, Picasso at the Lapin Agile, portrays the

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  • March 17, 2015

Opening of the Tessmann Planetarium

By Jose Servin Tessmann Planetarium is now open. Santa Ana College President Erlinda Martinez hosted the opening of the renovated

Finding Her Place: Chloe Anderson Is Santa Ana College’s First Transgender Athlete

Breaking gender perceptions in sports is personal for Chloe Anderson By Jorge Campos  Kids can tell when someone is different,

Acceptance of Others Should Extend to Trans Community

Staff Editorial The transgender community deserves our empathy and a safe space  free from danger and violence. Last year, local activist

Transgender Actors Are Breaking Down Stereotypes

Media gives viewers a negative impression of transgender people by not accurately portraying them. By Izabella Santana An actors’ sex is assumed

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  • February 16, 2015

OC’s Measles Epidemic Continues to Spread

Containing an outbreak linked to unvaccinated children strains public health resources By John Olivares  A measles epidemic that began at