I Ran a 5K With the City for Wellness

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By Jose Servin I’ve been running for years, but then I slacked off. After three days, I am still sore


How to Choose the Right Foods to Get You Through Finals

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Food choice when stressed can make the difference in feeling relief By Angel Ramirez Eating when stressed can be a


College Students Are at a Higher Risk for Depression

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Coping with the stress of early adult life leads to undiagnosed conditions By Izabella Santana Depression is a recurring disease


Your Sunblock May Not Offer as Much Protection as It’s Advertising

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By Jorge Campos Consumers trust information on sunscreen labels more than they should, according to the Environmental Working Group 2015


Stop with the Pop

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Weight loss benefits seem to be misleading consumers into drinking more By Angel Ramirez Diet soda can make you fat,


Chipotle To Go Natural

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By Haide Hernandez Chipotle’s “G-M-Over It” and, as of April, has stopped serving genetically modified food, making the chain the


For Healthiest Fats, Choose Fish Over Fish Oil

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By Kevin Vazquez Eating food with good-for-you fats like omega-3 is recommended for the health benefits, but supplements alone might


State Lawmakers Propose Raising Smoking Age to 21

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California becomes the fifth state to propose raising the smoking age to 21 By Izabella Santana In an effort to


Plus-Size Models Are Changing Perceptions of Beauty

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  By Izabella Santana Flipping through fashion magazines reveals countless pages of women defining what society believes to be a


Popular Supplement Has It’s Risks

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  By KevinVelazquez Eating food with good fats like omega-3 is recommended for the health benefits, but the supplements might