Achieving Happiness Is Easier Than You Think

By Aurielle Weiss

To many, joy feels elusive, swiftly passing with each emotional experience.

West Nile Virus Season Is Here

By RJ Mckay

Summer is almost here and most people are overjoyed. However, summer in Southern California provides the perfect environment for a deadly species to thrive: the mosquito, carrying the West Nile Virus.

How To Diet The Right Way

By Annie Lam

With Thanksgiving rapidly approaching, some revelers may turn to quick weight loss methods to help them shed extra pounds gained


The Dangers of Restrictive Dieting

By el Don News

By Meghan Kliewer Diets typically help people lose weight, but sometimes the costs outweigh the expected benefits. The popularity of trendy restrictive

Stress Relief Yoga

Ways to Stay on Top of Stress

By el Don News

By Meghan Kliewer Making small life adjustments can help students lessen, or avoid, everyday stress. A clean room and work


Easy Hidden Hikes in Orange County

By el Don News

By Alex Robles Hikes do not have to be spectacular. A hike should help you relax and get outdoors. Orange


Students Are Using Prescription Drugs for Better Grades

By el Don News

By Itzel Quintana [dropcap]E[/dropcap]xams, quizzes and papers are among the many responsibilities students have to balance halfway through the semester,


Don’t Want to Get Sick This Season? Here’s Why You Need a Flu Shot

By el Don News

By Arleeny Escarcega, Nancy Vargas and Josh Fuentes  [dropcap]W[/dropcap]ith upcoming midterms and finals, many students are not taking the necessary


Victims Raise Awareness of Domestic and Sexual Violence

By el Don News

By Meghan Kliewer The Clothesline Project traveled to Santa Ana College Wednesday for Domestic Violence Awareness Month. The Clothesline Project


City of Santa Ana’s Health and Wellness 5K Nearly Doubles Capacity in Second Year

By el Don News

By Angela Truong About 1,200 runners of all ages attended the Plaza Wellness 5K Run Saturday in Downtown Santa Ana,