LA Galaxy fires Chris Klein. Here’s what lead up to his downfall

By Aydin Abdollahi

LA Galaxy supporters have pushed club president Chris Klein out the door after a four month long stadium boycott centered


Imitating Lillard; the rise of Kody Uyesugi

By Aydin Abdollahi

Freshman guard Kody Uyesugi dominated the court in the 2023 basketball season despite being the smallest player on the team.


MLS fans chant horribly- here’s how they can fix it

By Aydin Abdollahi

While soccer has steadily grown into American culture, one thing has remained stagnant: chant culture. Americans suck at creating original


Damon Albarn brings the Gorillaz to Hollywood

By Aydin Abdollahi

Damon Albarn brought the Gorillaz to Coachella 2023 for both weekends. In between his festival performances in front of 125,000

cracker island

New Gorillaz album is disappointing

By Aydin Abdollahi

The Gorillaz’s eighth studio album “Cracker Island” impressively manages to encapsulate the band’s greatest and most unique tropes and themes,