Found Objects Fuel Show

Recycled / Artist Mark Clayton scavenged materials from garage sales, vintage stores and flea markets. / Liz Monroy / el Don

By: Jocelyne Poblador

A bit of local flavor spices up the C-building gallery this semester.

Around the Corner features artists from around Orange County, including former Santa Ana College art instructor David Michael Lee.

“I want students to know that Santa Ana has some very talented local artists and I want some of [the students] to think they have a shot,” Gallery Director Phillip Marquez said.

Skeleton Owl is a small metallic sculpture of an owl but looks like Wall-e.

Another whimsical sculpture is Sacred, a silver tribal looking mask constructed out of an old melon baller, an ice cream scooper, an iron frame and a hand made halo.

Mark Clayton assembled the pieces from scavenged objects. He tends to work with antiquated materials, sifting through garage sales, vintage stores and flea markets.

Each sculpture is hand crafted in his home, and costs around $30 to $200 dollars to create.

Marciano Martinez’s watercolor paintings also draw attention, appearing throughout the gallery and adding splashes of color to otherwise white walls.

Each painting recreates a location Martinez is fond of, including Caramel Heights. One day Martinez was driving on the coast and stopped for the view. A sudden impulse overtook him and he set up his easel on the side of the road.

“I enjoy the feeling of that place. I feel like, Wow, This is exciting,” Martinez said.

The show, which will continue through April 3, is located in the main art gallery in the C-building.

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