Dons, four downs – Keys to success this season



This year the coaching staff aims to turn quantity into quality.

Two Division 1 bounce-back quarterbacks are competing for the starting job. Andrew McDonald, the Dons 2010 starter, transferred from Arizona. Duke DeLancelloti came from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. A bounce-back player moves to a community college after enrolling at an upper division university.
“They are definitely two of the best players on the team and both have Division 1 potential,” Head Coach Geoff Jones said.
Dons quarterback Andrew McDonald in action
Number 2 sign HOMEGROWN
The Dons emphasize recruiting Orange County athletes.
Out of the 85 players who are suiting up, only two are from schools outside the district.
“Our roster is going to be about the same from year to year because we’re only taking local guys,” Jones said.
“Unless you have grandma across the street, or somewhere close for you to live, basically we’re just not really set up for it.”
Dons Coach Geoff Jones
Number 3 sign YOUNG GUNS
Young recruits Josh Webb, Avery Williams and Davion Orphey will have significant roles this season. Webb and Williams were receivers” at Garden Grove High School.
I want to play a big part, in a fourth down situation. I want the ball to be thrown to me,” Webb said.
Orphey, from Edison High School, is a cornerback on defense and a running back on offense.
Dons running back Terrance Holzendorf in action
With 10 sophomores starting on defense, experience will play a vital role in the team’s success.
“We all know what we’re doing and what we bring to the table, and the kind of attitude we want,” linebacker Dylan Reda said.
“Our defense is going to be stout this year. I expect us to be one of the best defenses in the state.”
Dons defense in action
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