Injuries plagued Dons season



Following his eighth season coaching the Dons, Head Coach David Breig is confronted with rebuilding the team after suffering through their worst season since the Eisenhower administration.

The Don’s finished 3-21, it’s worst overall record since the 1956-1957 season when they finished 2-24 under Coach C.W. Murrell.

Injuries played a huge part in the season’s outcome. With three starters out because of injuries, the Dons were left short-handed.

“Record wise it went terrible,” said Breig. “We had a lack of depth.”

Last season the Dons were 13-15. Despite a losing record the team advanced to the second round of the playoffs. Only two members of that team, sophomore guards Yama Kader and Marquis Bias, returned to play for the Dons.

Before coming to Santa Ana College, Breig was the head coach at Mayfair High School in Lakewood.

Breig has struggled with building a winning team since his transition from high school to the college level.  During Breig’s seven years at Mayfair High School, he won 162 games and advanced to the CIF Southern Section Division II-A championship three times, winning the division in 1999.

During his time here, Breig has had only one winning season, a 25-9 campaign in 2006-2007. “This was my worst season in my career in 19 years of coaching,” Breig said.

While the season is over, Breig’s job never stops. It is time for him to begin recruiting new talent for next season. “Every year is a different year. You bring in new kids and keep working,” Breig said.

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