Gr8 Weeks Return This April

Picture Taken by Juie Leopo
Picture Taken by Juie Leopo

The eight-week semester allows students to complete their courses in half the standard semester, but it still requires the same total class hours.

“For students, it’s great because you get your class done quicker, and you can move on,” says Misty Iranpour, 19, a SAC student who took Public Speaking online during fall 2020. 

Santa Ana College offers more than Over 150 classes, mixing a variety of general education and other courses. 

Students can also choose from about 37 hybrid courses and six in-person classes. All other offerings remain online. 

Registration is available online through Webadvisor before April 11. 

Classes start on April 12. Most classes end on June 6. 

Additional reporting by: Gisselle Roldan and Carmen Cortez

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