Pornhub Goes Green

Planting Wood By C. Harold Pierce This past Arbor Day, environmentalists took matters into their own hands. Or hand. The


Rolling In Style

By Chelsea Ybanez The Uber app connects users with a private driver and costs less than a taxi service. Using


Upload Your Lifestyle

An intuitive fitness-geared bracelet nags users healthy By C. Harold Pierce I’m anxious, and I blame the Jawbone UP24. Marketed


Rear View Cameras

By Rogelio Santana To prevent fatalities and injuries, the U.S. Department of Transportation is requiring vehicles built after 2018 to


Heartbleed Bug

By Aaron Vasquez You may want to watch your web presence. A computer virus bleeding websites of memory has users


An Obituary for Ipod

By Aaron Vasquez The iPod is dead. Like the compact disc and the Walkman, technology killed it. Once ubiquitous, iPods


Blast From the Past

  By Ale Gonzalez As if you didn’t feel awkward enough on social media, Twitter released a tool that will


Glow in the Dark Ride

By C. Harold Pierce Finally, someone is putting glow in the dark technology to good use. Mission Bicycle Company is


Flappy Clones

By Jorge Campos    When Vietnamese game developer Dong Nguyen produced the popular game Flappy Bird, he never thought it


Monthly Photo Albums

By: Chelsea Ybanez The Groovebook app takes all your favorite photos stuck in a smartphone library, compiles them a 100